FAQs: Alt Saints (endangered animals)

How does Alt Saints help the environment?

We're donating 33% of all endangered animals NFT sales to support the environment.

Yes, you're reading that correctly: 33% of our NFT sales goes towards saving the planet. The sales of these NFTs will be held in a trust, and we’ll split this into these key areas:
  • Funds will be deployed via the MetaSafari DAO (future)
  • Supporting environmental initiatives that are action-based and measurable, such as Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots program in Australia, or organisations saving specific animals, such as Save The Orangutan, and reforesting charities like Justdiggit.
  • Long term investments in acquiring land for reforesting and regenerative farming, supporting farmers and educating them in sustainable practices. The entire food supply chain is broken and it’s our opportunity to purchase land through the (future) DAO, and to contribute to a more transparent, inclusive and sustainable food supply chain. This is one way of ensuring that the DAO has perpetual growth, as the community of MetaSafarians grows.
  • Education and lobbying. Supporting existing education platforms by using our data and knowledge pool to share with schools around the world. Lobbying is also part of our commitment to education.
We'll work closely with our Community to develop the best structure for this DAO and fund allocation model.


Alt Saints is a purpose-driven brand focused on helping protect the environment, starting with endangered animals. Starting off as a breakfast cereal brand (yes, really!) Alt Saints has three key pillars: food, content and technology, the latter being an NFT-based collectibles and gaming vision.
A portion of sales goes towards supporting environmental organisations such eg the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia.
Alt Saints currently has 400 custom designed animals and an extensive database of 1,000+ animals including geo-locations, facts about the animal and why they’re endangered. We’re rebuilding our interactive map of endangered animals and are also compiling data and designing other environmental categories: diminishing rainforests, endangered insects and ocean data.

Beasts, trees, bees & seas!

What are the benefits of owning an Endangered Animal NFT?

Environmental initiatives

As mentioned, a significant percentage of primary NFT sales — 33% of sales, to be specific — goes into a fund that supports environmental initiatives. See above

Intelligent NFTs

If you’ve read this far, you’ll have seen the section Artificial Intelligence: iNFTs. We already have lots of research-based data on 1,000+ endangered animals with less than 2,000 in the wild, and will continue to grow this data.
As the community seeds more content into the database, each animal becomes richer with information, stories and, as we evolve, into speaking avatars that are full of information and interactive capabilities.
Animals can’t speak for themselves, but soon they will.
See the section Community Participation for how we’re involving and rewarding the community to become part of the content creation process.

Multi-dimensional NFTs

It’s worth repeating that current endangered animal NFTs start as static NFTs, but will evolve into multi-layered, multi-dimensional NFTs that can own other NFTs, become fractionalised and shared, and/or enter our community vault for participation and sharing any yield. See section NFTs in MetaSafari.
Interplay between Dino & Endangered animals
The role of the dinosaurs is to protect and save endangered animals from becoming extinct.
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