Business model: tokens (future)

09: Future: tokens

Tokens are a wonderful opportunity for brands, and for the community. With all the upsides of token models, there are a few challenges and considerations that need to be addressed and solved, least of which is current regulatory requirements. Challenges aside, tokens are a great idea, and when we’re ready to develop this, our tokenomics model will be a community-led and informed process.
Although it’s early days, we’d love you to consider:
  • How do you see the token utility working?
  • If we were to create tokens, would you be willing to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process?
  • What sort of governance rights would you expect as a token HODLER?
  • What about the token structure itself? Would you be interested in creating an overarching token eg MetaSafari token? Or would you be more aligned to a specific Tribe? eg DinoXDino token
  • Wrapping tokens
    • Would you be interested in attaching your token to another token, in expectation of yield?
  • How would you expect to use your Tokens?
    • Trading?
    • Acquiring more MetaSafari NFTs or tokens?
    • Voting rights?
  • What about storing your NFTs and tokens in a MetaSafari vault? Would you expect to earn more tokens?
  • What about ‘renting’ your NFT and letting someone else play/manage, earning you both yield?
  • Would you see value in a crowd loan mechanism where you lend tokens or crypto for a period of time?
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